In May 2022, I moved from Urayasu, where Tokyo Disneyland is located, to the Southern Hokkaido area for the first time in 30 years. "I want to convey the charm of Hakodate, Hokuto, and Donan area" by a middle aged man y who loves bicycles and aims to be a web marketer. I hope it will be helpful for everyone who is interested in the Southern Hokkaido area.

【My Hobby is riding My DAHON Folding Bike】
I have a passion for riding my bicycle very much.
My favorite bike is Dahon Mu colored light blue.
I used to ride road bikes and randonneurs, but now
I love to run on the slopes of Hakodate with my 20-inch small whell bike.

Every week, cycling in the Hakodate Bay area through the Tomoe Bridge.
The continuous slope climbing of Hachimanzaka, Motoizaka, and Yayoizaka in Motomachi is interesting very much!

Also there are locating very nice views in Matsumae, Kaminokuni, and Esashi Town, where I have never been yet riding.
I want to run Ocean View Road in near future.

There is an old bicycle shop called "Iwasaki Shokai" in Esashi.
There are kept some old fashioned bicycles that I rode one when I was in elementary schoole.
I believe that lot of old fans be attractive by the bikes.

Bicycles are vehicles that connect the thoughts of people all over Japan and the world!